Slipknot - Masking The Power Of Extreme Metal
by Martin Popoff

The heaviest bands to ever go gold: Slayer, Pantera and . . . Slipknot? It sure looks that way (we couldn't think of anybody else, except maybe Metallica with their old albums), Slipknot shooting up the charts, dare I say, well on their way to platinum status. The plan, sez band founder Shawn (aka #6, aka The Clown), is to keep on touring the meteoric self-titled debut album until October 2001.

And until this take-no-prisoners sold-out tour blows over, don't expect any new material, except maybe one song. Shawn explains. "Yes we have one new track, but in terms of the next album, don't expect any direction changes. It's only going to evolve, you know? We just finished our first song, called "People = Shit", and it's setting the standard for the next album. The album won't come out until the first part of the new year. You know, our sales are going up every week. People might think that we are milking it because of the sales, but the truth of the matter is, if the album was going down we would have to consider doing an album. But the fact of the matter is more and more people are becoming exposed to Slipknot, so they need to see us. Because there's a three step thing that goes on. You hear about the band, you listen to the band, and then you see the band. And to understand the band you must see them live, because you see pictures and you get confused, and then you hear the CD and you hear all this shit, and you're like ╬what the f**k?' Then you have to come see the show to understand where the kegs are coming from, where the noises are coming from, and then you understand it. So with the CD going up every week, just because we've played Chicago four times, doesn't mean that we shouldn't go back, because there's a giant majority of people who have recently been turned onto us, but have never seen the band. So that's what we're doing."

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