Slipknot - True children of the corn Page 2
by C.J. Cain

He never once used the term "I" when talking about the band, and that's fitting, because no single soldier has ever won a war. This cohesive unit functions as one, each serving an integral part in the overall battle plan. "The songwriting process is actually very easy with nine members", said Shawn, "because each person knows just what to bring to the table." What is brought are lyrics that are about as subtle as an anesthesia-free lobotomy. The lyrics are often about pain, inflicted by society as a whole or by an individual, but they are not of the "poor little me" variety. Instead they are about recognizing the pain and its causes, and also about screaming out loud about it to a society that teaches us to keep it inside. Everyone has been poisoned by society in one form or another, and Slipknot's music is about cleansing the body of those poisons, sort of like a toxic enema.

Are they mad at everybody and everything? No, just the sick elements of society. Sure they all wear masks, but there is a lot behind them. They have happiness in their lives as well. Said Shawn, "Our families have been very supportive, and when the tour is over, I'm really looking forward to getting away from everything with my family (wife and three children). Their extremely rabid fan base is another source of joy. Concluded Shawn, "We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts who has supported us by coming to the shows, visiting the Web sites (www.slipnot1 and, buying the records, and believing in world domination." And they want you too, Malachai!