Slipknot's Heavy Harvest Page 2
by C.J. Cain

The visual created by the macabre masks reinforces the brutally honest and thought-provoking lyrics of the music, and also hides wrinkles, just as the coveralls can also mask bulges. The musicians that form Slipknot could be fat and 50, but Nos. 0-8 are ageless and shapeless. There could even be a fat chick in the group and we would never know, but I'm sure the guys would find alternative uses for her first!

Here's to 'ya guys, for having the future I wish was mine! You know from experience how the majority of residents from your home state say prayers for you at night, and think your music is vile and disgusting. I speak for those of us who are capable of free thought and appreciate you voicing the despair and expressing the anger "they" would rather simply plow under. To paraphrase a line out of a popular movie filmed in Iowa, "Is this Hell? No, it's Slipknot!"