SLOUGH FEG - Hard-Boiled Eggheads Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"Another hard world we were stuck in," recalls Scalzi. "The last time we were in the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, we were stuck in there for 24 hours and sleeping on concrete floors - hard seats, hard floors, hard world. And some guy who was laying there with us... he wasn't traveling with us but he'd been to the festival show we played and he was there at the airport. And he was like, 'Maybe you should write the 'Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Blues'?' 'Yeah, that's a good idea!'"

"But OK, what I was originally going to do," continues Scalzi, "when this idea of Hardworlder came up, I had a friend's dad who was violent and went crazy, and ended up dying by jumping off a bridge. And we're like, 'That guy was a hardworlder.' He slept out of the cold. It wasn't about him, but he's the ultimate. He was a hardworlder but he actually made it hard on himself, actually. And I think about Bronson, all these different people from these books that remind me of that. So I was going to write a song about each one of these characters that I thought of in this way. And one of them was Gully Foyle from Alfred Bester's book called The Stars My Destination, which is one of my favourite fiction books. I've mentioned it in a bunch of interviews. And the original title of that book is Tiger! Tiger!, written in 1953. It won a Pulitzer Prize. For some reason it's not all that well-known anymore. But it was quite famous among science-fiction fans at the time. A lot of metalheads know about it. That's what Tiger! Tiger!'s about, and that's who the guy on the cover is - he's supposed to be that character. Another guy is Wolf Larsen, who is Jack London's character from his book Sea Wolf, who is almost the exact same character, but taking place in a 19th century or whatever it is, sea adventure. This mad captain who reads philosophy, and is really tough and materialistic, and argues with all his first hands about religion and all that, and then he goes down with this ship and dies. So these two characters are hardworlders."

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