SOILWORK - Backslash On The Backlash Page 4
by Martin Popoff

But it's done, and now it's time to roar on down the road, the first North American leg of the touring finding the boys out with Swede legends Dark Tranquillity and hi-fidelity Danish wunderkids Mnemic (see for more). Will the screamer's voice hold out? Have no worries, says Speed - he's got a (no longer) secret weapon.

"I usually party pretty hard on tour, but I have my little spray, that I order from Tour Supply in America and it's called Entertainer's Secret. Wow, how about that name? I really don't know what kind of contents are in this spray and I really don't want to know, because, you wake up in the morning, you've been screaming to AC/DC all night, cranking it so f**king loud, drinking whiskey straight, and you wake up and you can barely even speak. And you do the soundcheck, sounds horrible, and you're pissed off. And then like one hour before the show you take this spray, and you sing like f**king Pavarotti (laughs)."