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By Martin Popoff

"Well, one thing was to be extremely anal (laughs). When it came to recording, he was like a total perfectionist. And we were going to use Devin as well on this one, and I know that you guys were such Devin fans as well, and we thought there was no reason - it's probably going to be pretty hard for us to convince you guys - but there was no reason to wait for him just because he could do it in March and we wanted to do the album at this time. So we said, well, let's try it ourselves and see if we've learned anything. I'm very happy with the results as well. But he was amazing, standing over us with a blowtorch, putting fire up our asses, metaphorically speaking. To be able to work the kind of hours he did was amazing to me. He's like, 'Well, I just have to take a joint and then I can continue working.' But at the same time he was writing stuff for Strapping. He'd say, 'I wrote ten songs for Strapping. I'm not going to use them all, but...' and I said, 'How the f**k are you doing this?! You're recording us all the time and you're sitting here smoking weed and you're writing stuff!' To me, it's totally amazing. He's a machine. We love the guy! We became very close friends with the guy so I don't think he has anything bad to say about us."

"I think it's an album that shows exactly what our ordinary lives are about," continues Wichers. "Some days you're totally pissed off and you make an aggressive riff and the next time it's like, well, that was a nice day and we had a great time. Sometimes you're depressed, and that reflects in our music as well, that we are very moody people, sometimes happy, sometimes pissed off. I think you can hear that in our music. This is the feeling we want to give people."

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