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By Martin Popoff

Some are up in arms about a delicate little number on the record called Departure Plan. "That one speaks for itself, "laughs Wichers. "There are two songs on this record that really stick out as being different, and I think that's Figure Number Five and Departure Plan. Those two songs are in the opposite direction. The first one is the most brutal one and Departure Plan is the softest one. But we thought it was a fun thing for us to do something totally different and we thought we were going to get a lot of shit from doing the song as well. But a lot of people think it's like a good pause song in the middle of the record, so they can listen to the entire record in one piece. Otherwise usually the metal albums tend to be too much. You listen to five songs and you're like 'Yeah! Now I'm satisfied and now I don't have to listen to the rest of the record.' It's kind of like that all the time. When I put on the old Haunted album I listen to five songs and I'm like, whew, is there ever going to be a break? I still love the record, but I have to take a break to listen to the entire piece. So we tried to work a lot with dynamics on this one to make it easier to listen to. Other songs... Mindmaker is pretty cool. It was a soundcheck song for me when I started out with that one. It was a practice riff; it's pretty hard to play but yes, that's a cool song and riff-wise as well. A challenge for me to play was also Light The Torch (sings it), that riff's also pretty tricky to play even though it might not sound like it. It has a pretty cool groove to it as well."

When prodded for direction towards the album's Soilwork masterpiece, Peter says that "the first track, Rejection Role, is what you can expect from Soilwork. I like that song because it represents a little bit of the new sound and a little bit from Natural Born Chaos as well. So that is one of my favourite tracks. But then I also like Figure Number Five, because it's so different, you know what I mean? It's in your face all the way through and then it kicks into this beautiful part in the middle. You don't really know what to expect from Soilwork."

And what is there interesting on here lyrically?

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