Johnny Solinger Lands The Gig Of A Lifetime
by Martin Popoff

HardRadio had the pleasure of catching up with the man annointed the Baz-killer, that is, the new lead singer for the stomping new and regrouped Skid Row. Based in Dallas, Texas, also headquarters of HardRadio, Johhny is a known entity around these parts and it is cool to see him get a break after four independently released albums from him and his band known as Solinger. Here's a little Q&A with the new man at the mike...

How did you get the new gig singing for Skid Row?

Well, a drummer that I played with, who was on my first record, someone in that camp heard that they were auditioning singers, and thought that I should try out. And he knew a girl in their camp named Carlene, and together they convinced them to take a look at my website, which is And with the miracle of the Internet there is no need to mail pictures or audition tapes out anymore, so they logged on and checked it out and I got an email from one Rachel Bolan right before the holidays hit and he asked me if I was interested in auditioning, and I emailed him back that of course I was. And then after the first of the year, I flew out and did a five song audition.

What songs did you guys do?

Monkey Business, Piece Of Me, 18 And Life, Beat Yourself Blind, and Youth Gone Wild. I went out and did the audition, and it went pretty good, and they called me a couple of days later, and said 'you got the gig, man.'

Do you think you will move out there?

You know, at first it seemed that that was going to be the deal, then when they saw that I actually knew what I was doing, they kind of let me go home and learn the rest of the songs. And I have to go back for a very brief rehearsal February 18th, and then I go on tour. So I'm packing my stuff up (laughs).

How many people did they audition?

You know, I'm not familiar with what happened. I know they looked at a lot of people. I know I was the last one they auditioned, that much I do know. I think in terms of other plans, they've put everything on hold to do this Skid Row gig. But I'm the new guy, so I'm always the last to know. I see that on the Internet we're supposed to go on tour with Kiss. Is that true? Heck, I don't know. I haven't talked to those guys in a week (laughs). That would be something. All the rumours so far have happened. So, I'm going ahead like I'm going to the opening up for Kiss next month. According to, it starts on March 14th. I don't know how long the tour is. I've been looking at the Kiss site, and looking up dates for them, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

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