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Have you guys talked about new material?

Not really, we just want to hit the road. In fact they made a point of saying they don't really know what they are going to do, and they're just going to take this on the road and see what happens, and I'm fine with that.

Are you very well versed with the Internet?

Well, I think 1998 is when I got my first computer, and I thought it the very useful tool to get my stuff out there, and I sell a lot of CDs on there, I guess a bit less than 10,000 total so far. If you go to there is all kinds of free downloads and pictures and stuff.

Has Solinger toured much?

No, not really. Five hours outside of Dallas, and you really don't know me. I'm a very large fish in a small pond here. It's been a long haul. I've been doing this exclusively for about ten years, and I consider this payback for a lot of hard work.

And how would you describe your singing style? What are you bringing to the table that is different than Sebastian Bach?

I don't know, just a little more beefy, you know? A little beefy.

Are you a high note hitter like Baz?

Yeah, I can hit those high notes. When I went in and did the audition, I did it just like the record to show them that I could. And then they were like, 'okay, now do it different', and I did (laughs).

Do you think they secretly tried to get back with Baz?

I really don't think that that happened. But I really don't know the history. I'm just trying to make the best of my opportunity.

Have they talked to you about songwriting?

Yeah, they've played me a couple of tunes, and now they have several. I mean, I'm looking forward to doing a record. They played me some stuff, just live, they didn't have anything on tape. It sounds like Skid Row.

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