Johnny Solinger Lands The Gig Of A Lifetime Page 3

Do they have a record deal?

They're still supposed to have their deal with the Atlantic. And I think McGee Entertainment is still in charge. I hope that's the case. Boy wouldn't that be fun. For a guy like me, who has been making albums independently for years. I was able to put at least one out every couple of years, looking back on it.

Who are your vocal heroes?

Anything metal. All things rock. I don't even have one or two that I can think of. I've watched so much tape and done so many covers over the years, but I really do love Kiss. It's going to be so great opening up for those guys. They just kind of paved the way for rock 'n' roll. I remember buying those records and getting in trouble from my mom down here in the Bible Belt. It will be great. I just want to do my deal and see their show.

How would you describe your stage presence?

Well, I'm a standard front man, I will stalk around, but you won't see me running across the stage doing cartwheels or anything, so don't expect that.

Is the line-up exactly the same except for you?

No, there's a new drummer Charlie Mills, I know that he toured the world with Dee Snider. He talked about Dee, how cool he was. I just took in so much information when I was there. It was my first trip that far north, flying over the Statue Of Liberty, it was cool.

Anything else you want to add?

Just that it is a real trip for someone like me whose been working so hard and so long to get such a big break. And hope that the fans will give it a chance.

So you guys hit it off pretty well?

Yeah, I stayed in Sabo's house when I was there. They're not doing this for the money, I can tell you that. They want to go back on the road. Man, we hit it off really well. Their Jersey accents are so thick, and of course I sound like Will Rogers, so we just sat around and laughed at each other's speech forever. But they seem like great guys. We got drunk a lot. Snake's bar looks like the bar at Friday's. You just don't run out of booze there. It's not like, 'oh, let me get the last beer', because there are kegs and stuff. They live well.