SOULFLY - Maximum Security
by Martin Popoff

Max Cavalera's Soulfly recently came through Toronto in support of their eighth album, Enslaved, their crushing, caustic indictment of slavery set to an extreme metal soundtrack of barked vocals and slicing Rizzo riffs. Got to sit down with Seps legend as well as his stepson Richie Cavalera, whose band Incite sounds like a virulent blend of the heaviest things Soulfly ever get up to rocketed by the fire of youth.

"It's more extreme, from all directions," laughs Max, asked to frame Enslaved within the quickly growing Soulfly canon. "I like Conquer and Omen, but I thought a third record similar to those would have really staled Soulfly, and made it into like repetition, fall into the repetition loop. And I did not want that to happen. So I started to look at ways to do something quite different, but is still part of me, you know? And I thought death metal has always been with me; like, I've been referred to as death metal my whole life, from the beginning (laughs). Sepultura started as a death metal outfit and I love the style, and thought, let's give it a try. Let's try to make an extreme record with a lot of double bass, and very heavy riffs."

"And then the interesting thing to me was to create a certain kind of death metal record without death metal lyrics. It's not about Satan at all; Satan has nothing to do with it. The whole record is about slavery. So that to me was an interesting combination, of having kind of this Morbid Angel/Deicide sound, with enslavement lyrics-that was attractive. And then the stuff I was listening to at the time, I was listening to a lot of old classic death metal-Entombed and Massacre, Master-and then newer stuff that I really like that's going on right now, like Oceano, Impending Doom, Molotov Solution, Cycroptic, this new wave of thrash/death metal that kids are doing right now, a combination of that. That led me to do this record. And of course working with Zeuss also helped. Because Zeuss has worked with a lot of these new bands like Oceano, so he knew. Although we're not a seven, eight-string kind of band. We're the typical... I still play four strings, and we're still a typical metal band, but it was fun to push into the realm of death metal and extreme music. But it's still a Soulfly record. It still sounds like Soulfly; it's just Soufly with an extreme touch on it."

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