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by Martin Popoff

It better be, because Richie's band, Incite, are capable of giving any headliner a head-to-toe beating on a nightly basis. Says Richie, "We take a lot of our influence from the old pioneers like the Sepulturas and Slayers and stuff, but I think at the same time we have a new vibe to our sound that is not out there right now. People say, oh, you sound like this band or that band or this band, but no one quite puts it on us. I think what makes us different is we just come out and kick your ass live. Fans haven't experienced that in some time. We're a band that just walks out and then demands everything, and we bring that energy that people are just looking for. Especially out of a heavy metal band. With the music that we have, it just sets it up for a great collision of madness."

"When I was real small, I was immersed in it," says Richie, about being raised in a famous metal family way. "One day there would be Nuclear Assault sleeping on the couch, the next day it would be Atrophy, Sacred Reich. It was there, and Gloria never hid us from that. She wanted us to be a part of what she was getting into. That's one thing about our family, we don't go into anything alone. We're all together, we all support each other, we all back each other, and I think I'm grateful for what they've done. Because I couldn't be happier."

Adds Max, "Richie was actually the model for the Atrophy album cover, Violent By Nature. The little mascot in the sandbox. That was crazy times back then. And Rob Halford gave him a cock ring as a gift, and we were like, boy, what a gift for a kid, right?"

Pointing at max, Richie pays his respects... "He's been my biggest influence; he's pushed me out in front of crowds, and just to watch how he can just take every single person in the room and they're just in his hand, from the moment he says go. So I think that's just an awesome thing to see on a daily basis. There's not a lot of people out there that have that kind of touch on people. I hear the stories and stuff, and it just inspires me more to keep doing it. And help people get through whatever they need music for."

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