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by Martin Popoff

If Incite's new album, All Out War, has a modern metal sheen to the production, well, Soulfly seems also to be after than same kind of articulation, tapping Zeuss for the production of Enslaved.

"I think overall, he did real good drum sounds, guitar sounds," says Max. "He's a real professional. He's on the ball. He knows his game. And from the moment I met him, it was like, this is going to be cool. This guy knows what he's doing. I'm totally secure with him. And as we progressed through the record, when I heard 'World Scum' for the first time, without the vocals, just the music, it blew me away. I was so happy. I thought this is exactly what I had in mind-extreme, but it's clear. You still can hear all the instruments; it's not muddy. Because sometimes old death metal records, it's very muddy and shitty sounding. I wanted to make a record that sounds good, and Zeuss brought that to it. And I think he's kind of a newer producer too, who adds a kind of new sound to it. And we worked a lot on the lyrics and the vocals, because I was repeating a lot of lyrics (laughs). He really kind of forced me to write lyrics that didn't repeat. He's like, 'Don't repeat that!'"

As for news, well, there's lots going on within the ranks of this always active band and beyond... "Oh yeah, actually have two things, three things, actually, going on this year. I'm writing a new Soulfly record after this tour is done, and then I'm going to go into the studio with Terry Date, who is going to produce the record. I'm very excited to work with one of my favorite producers of all time. To me, working with Terry is like working with Andy Wallace-it's that sort of importance to me. As a producer, he's done some amazing records and our friendship is really solid. I think we're going to Seattle to do it, and it's going to be really great, and I'm really excited for that. And then in September, I have a project with Greg from Dillinger Escape Plan and Troy from Mastodon and the drummer from Mars Volta, Dave Elitch. We don't have a name for that yet, but that's going to come out next year. And that's going to be really cool, because the three of us are singing, so it's completely different. It's totally a new thing in metal; I don't think nobody has ever done a project like that in heavy metal, with three singers, with three different voices, and every song, the three of us are going to sing different parts."

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