SOULMOTOR - Revolution Calling! Page 2
By Martin Popoff

The cool socialist poster art vibe of the booklet (Similar to Sepultura's Nation) supports an authoritarian subject matter running through the lyrics. "Yes, you'll notice that there is a thread or theme to all the songs," explains Tommy. "It's about this entity that contacts civilization from the future to say that in the future, there will be this revolution. And he heads the revolution against the great machine. It's all Darin's baby. And actually Revolution Wheel is a lyric in the song 'Lotus Throne'. I always loved the lyric and I said 'Darin, we've got to call the album Revolution Wheel, because it's exactly what you're talking about here.' He's like 'Yeah, yeah, I think that'll work.' So he got even more involved in the story. But it's all up to you, the listener. He reads a lot, especially science fiction and horror films, and he dabbles in making movies as well. But mostly, this is a sci-fi kind of trip."

Soulmotor's engine however, has been shut down for the time being, while Tesla does the shed thing this summer. Tommy will mind the fort, while continuing to teach guitar, a trade that has happily kept him from day-jobbing all these years. "Actually, I've started to scribble around with some new material, but touring is all further down the road as we get more of a buzz happening for the band. We may be looking at a few months from now. We want the album to sink in. What I've always thought is strange is when a band goes out on tour and they've just released an album. It's cool and everything; you have to promote it, but no one knows the songs yet, as far as the audience goes. I think it's cool to let the songs sink in; everybody gets their favourites and I just think it helps develop things a bit better..."

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