Scratching Post Hell On High Heels Page 2
By Martin Popoff

So what was the most innovative thing you did in the studio? "I secretly taped one of the producers (ed. Chris) ranting about Canada and how much it sucks," laughs Nicole. "Also, how much I suck. I really like my microcassette recorder. Everyone thought it was really funny and it ended up turning into a song called 'Militiagan' on the new record."

So what are the lyrical themes on the new album? "You know, panic, despair, bliss, rage, loneliness, happiness. The title was picked because basically, 'Why not?' It sounds tough! But, it also sounds kinda sexy too. The lyrics definitely happened in fragments. Some happened really immediately, and some took some thinking about when I was by myself and I could think clearly."

Nicole's also a bit of a nethead (check out the band's site at, so I wondered if there was any fresh ideas around marketing the album? "Tons of them! We have a section on our website called Naked Fan Fame. It started out because I was getting harassed by a bunch of young kids who wanted me to trade naked pictures with them. They had attached naked pix to the emails. I responded by saying, 'sure, we can trade, just send me a picture of yourself with clothes ON first!' Of course they couldn't do it because they had snagged the pictures from some porn sites. It spawned an idea, hmmm, how about we do this legitimately, summon fans to send naked pictures of themselves? They actually did it! It started a whole new trend. Once one of them did it, a whole bunch of others sent pictures in. It's awesome!"