STEEL PROPHET - And Then There Were Three... Page 4
By Martin Popoff

"And I don't think you'd call them power metal. So I consider us to be somewhere in between power metal, traditional metal, extreme metal and stoner metal. But in our field, I would say I like Iced Earth, Angel Dust, Jag Panzer. But you know, when a person hears the word power metal, they think of Rhapsody, Gamma Ray, and we have virtually nothing in common with those bands. And lyrically, this album's all about the bleakness of human existence, just being disappointed with your fellow man and the way things transpire, and that there is no real brotherhood. As well, it's looking at the whole concept of modern life based on technology instead of the real world."

Obviously, as Steve confirms, Steel Prophet is in a bit of a holding pattern. "No, we can't undertake anything at the moment. There's just that small detail of not having a full band. I don't see it taking too long. I mean, I've been hiking the Appalachian Trail for two and a half months and I just got back into town late last week so basically we weren't doing anything about the situation. But now that I'm back, we'll take care of it right away."

What kind of vocalist do you want?

"Someone who's got range, power, and can handle anything from something really sweet and sugary like Freddie Mercury to blowing the doors off like Ronnie James Dio. And someone who has real confidence on stage and can verge the gap between the band and the audience and make the audience eat out of the palm of his hand."