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by Martin Popoff

"Obviously, there's a lot of BEATLES influence," continues Hunter, who had no Beatles perform on the record, but instead got MARTY FRIEDMAN, JOE SATRIANI AND Johnny Depp! "Because the Beatles have always been an enormous influence on me. I was a huge GEORGE HARRISON fan. I thought he was a terribly underrated guitar player. And I always loved JOHN LENNON's sense of humour and his writing and everything. So I've always been a big Beatles fan. So they are there, no matter what I do. They are in there."

"But the main thing I brought from the '60s and the '70s was blues. Because when I was learning how to play guitar, my basic way of learning was listening to blues. Because your initial take on blues is that it's a very simple form of music. But in reality it's not. But your first impression, oh, it's only three chords. And B.B. KING has only played about six notes, I can do that. Well, yeah, that's what I thought (laughs). And then I realized once I got into it, oh man, this is way harder than I thought it was going to be. And there's much more subtlety and nuance and all kinds of things in blues, but I didn't notice it. So what I wanted to do was bring that to the table, know what I mean? I wanted it to be melodic, and I wanted it to be bluesy, and I wanted to be able to hear those nuances. Those things take years to get into your fingers. It's a long process."

But I doubt it's Hunter's blues chops that cause Bob Ezrin to call for "The Deacon"...

"Well, I tell you what, I think what they liked about my playing is the fact that I like to be melodic. I mean, for me, the guitar is a very, very expressive instrument, again, because of the nuances. It's like a singer. There are so many nuances and so many ways of singing a phrase, and the same with guitar. I love playing melodies on guitar. That was my main love. And that love came out of the blues, because blues solos, normally, are pretty melodic. You could almost always sing them. And that has been my mainstay. That's what I'm about, that's what my playing is about, and it's a feeling thing. It's something where you bring an emotional feeling into your playing, and that's what I love about the guitar. And I think that's some of the reason why I got hired, especially in the '70s."

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