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by Martin Popoff

But indeed, one also hears a lot about Hunter's tone, one of those abstract concepts seemingly lost more and more with the passing of time.

"Well, I have... I hope I can say this, but I had a friend of mine say, 'You know what your tone sounds like? Your tone sounds like a great big black woman singing.' And to me, I thought that was the highest compliment. That was the highest compliment that anybody has ever given me on my tone. And I thought oh, okay, that's a woman tone. So it's a woman's voice, and that's what it's always been to me. When somebody said that, I thought, how cool is that? So maybe that's how I would describe my tone."

Asked to contrast his style with that of Wagner, his partner on those Lou Reed and Alice records, Hunter figures, "It's a little difficult for me to compare against Dick Wagner, because whatever it was that was different about our playing is what helped us played well together. I think his tone generally tends to be a little brighter than mine. Mine's a bit of a darker and warmer kind of a tone, and his is more a searing, singing sort of tone. And the two of us, because of that difference, made us play really well together. You didn't have to think about it too much, because we just worked naturally together and it just seemed to work from the get-go."

"We did seven months, a seven-month run," says Hunter of his triumphant and surprise go 'round with Alice for Welcome 2 My Nightmare. "Pretty hard tour. It was pretty brutal. I mean, it was a lot of traveling, I think we went around the world twice or something. But it was fun. It was fun getting on stage and looking over and seeing my old buddy Alice on stage. We were on stage again after 35 years; it was awesome. The thing that's wonderful about him is he knows that character so well, that he can get into that character as soon as the lights go down. He gets into that character. And he's still got a marvellous, wonderful sense of humour, and he's still got all the vibe that he had back in Nightmare. I mean, the only difference is we were a little younger then, so it's a different angst, if you will. There's a little bit different angst. But being on stage with him, when I looked over at him, we were a little bit older, but the vibe and the energy is still there. It was great. Just great to see it."

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