STEVE HUNTER - Alice Cooper Great Goes Quiet! Page 4
by Martin Popoff

In closing, I asked Steve what kind of solo record he'd like to do next...

"You know, that's funny, because I haven't thought about that. I mean, I sort of have thought about it a little bit, but I'm kind of leaning a bit more rootsy, not so much like traditional blues rootsy, but rootsy in the sense that the music I might write might be a little more personal. But I haven't really decided for sure yet. I'm waiting to see how people respond to this album; I'm really proud of this album. I loved doing it. So it might be that we do a Manhattan Blues II (laughs). Very mellow right though. Because I really enjoyed doing this record, I had so much fun and I had great guests on it, that were so kind to play on my record. And they did such great job. You know, I wanted to bring blues into a new environment. Like somebody called it a hybrid. And I think that's probably a good word to use. It's not just straight traditional blues. It's the blues feeling and the blues technique brought into a new place."