STEVE MORSE - Solo Retrospective Out Now
by Martin Popoff

DEEP PURPLE guitarist STEVE MORSE, currently on tour with the band and done with his parts for the forthcoming Rapture Of The Deep, has recently seen the release of Prime Cuts, a compilation of his solo works for Magna Carta Records.

Remarks Morse, "The compilation is something that they put together. It's I guess a good opportunity to take the best cuts from three different albums. And in that sense, I think, if I was a record buyer, I would try the compilation first, if I didn't know the artist (laughs). Because you have a better chance of... you know, in any album, there are certain types of things that a majority of people will like. I don't know why that is, but it just is."

Adds Morse on the possibility of future work with prog icons Magna Carta, "Seriously, you know, I like them! I think they come up with some good creative ideas. On the other hand, there are business elements of a relationship with a record company, especially after a record is finished. After it's pretty much all done, at that point, what's going to be best? I think there's some value doing more records on the same label, however, I'd really like to see the records in the stores, but that's getting way tougher. But, I think savvy people, savvy fans, they'll just give up on the stores. And they have been able to order stuff through Magna Carta, so that's good."

Do you have some sort of creative drive that says you want a next solo album to be a certain type of album?

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