STEVE STEVENS - The New Wave Of Classic Rock Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"I like the '80s albums with Adrian Belew," says Stevens in closing. "I went to see them a couple of times. But for me it was that era with John Wetton. I like the Greg Lake stuff as well, but Red and Starless and Lark's Tongue In Aspic... it's funny, because when I first heard Nirvana, I heard this heavy '70s-era Crimson vibe in them. And I would tell people that and they'd say, you're crazy! That's as far away from Crimson as you can get. And lo and behold, I saw an interview with Butch Vig and he said that they were listening to Red a lot while making Nevermind. So yeah, that era of King Crimson... I mean, it's the most dangerous guitar stuff I've ever heard (laughs)."

Steve is currently recording four new songs to be added to a forthcoming Billy Idol greatest hits package, after which the band will tour, with Steve hoping to squeeze in solo dates and even some clinics in and around those shows. See for more.