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By Martin Popoff

Lyrically the album is a tangle of nasty human-hating moving targets, Phil spitting out his venom in a much more violent fashion than is used within either Pantera or Down. "The lyrics for Superjoint Ritual are very image-conscious," explains Phil. "It draws a picture in the mind. They're very abstract to a certain point. With Pantera I'm definitely out to make a point; it's not so hidden, it's not so multi-directional that people can't get it. It's pretty straightforward. With Down, that's a band where I write lyrics and I have nothing much to prove, except for writing a good song that is straight from the heart and from the brain. And with Superjoint man, it's a very, very vicious offering. It's almost like ultra-depressive poetry put to music, in a strange way. It doesn't have an absolutely precise meaning. It's definitely one of those situations where the listener will have to draw his own conclusions. With all my lyrics, it's definitely a part of me. But with Superjoint, it's more of an abstract version."

Constructing Use Once And Destroy, Anselmo descrbes, was a much more conventional experience versus the barn-and-bong-borne process afforded Down II. "Superjoint actually, we did it in a studio about 10 minutes away from my house. And we knew the engineer really well. This guy is f**king awesome. His name is Dave Fortman and he's kick ass and he knows his shit. He's a multi-talented musician and he can run the board like f**king God, you know? Basically it was a very relaxed atmosphere. We were the only guys in there. It was a small studio, a pretty non-expensive f**king joint. This was quite a fun record to do, especially because there was really no pressure on us because we knew the songs from so long ago that it was more or less just getting them tight, getting down to the point of just getting the sound we wanted. And that we definitely did. But as far as doing the record, man, shit, what was it, about 10 days? It was short. We knocked it out in 10 days, mixing and all, and walked away (laughs). And that particular recording is now two years old."

I asked Phil if there was anything from these two experiences, Superjoint and Down, he wanted to take back in a pretty forceful way when he starts recording again with Pantera.

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