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by Martin Popoff

"Just another year, I guess," offers Dev, on Alien's main point of departure from '03's SYL. "Each record kind of becomes a snapshot of whatever was going on that year and this is this year (laughs). Interesting year, up and down. You end up writing whatever you end up writing and throwing it to the wind. So yes, I would say it's been an up and down year. I guess the best way to sum it up is, that's 2004 for me, and you know... next!"

Would you say this one is more of a cross between the old stuff and the last record? "I guess you could say that, probably. We had done the tour with Meshuggah as well, and I think that had influenced me, to the point where I wanted to experiment with some things that maybe were a little more technically challenging. With that in mind, I think some of the songs reflect that in terms of length and content. On a personal level, I kind of went out of my way, in terms of noises and things like this, to make this one dense, but still musical in terms of everything in sync with itself, as opposed to some of the other records, where it's just random firings throughout the song, to sort of obtain that effect. And the title, man, it's just because we had worked with some noises and some sounds that were a little foreign sounding; the title is supposed to mean that more than anything else. Alien in terms of foreign, as opposed to alien in terms of Sigourney Weaver."

How the hell do you remember all these parts onstage?

"We haven't played it yet, but I think it's just, you beat it into your head enough times, and eventually it's just second nature. It's like, you get into the moment when you're playing the faster stuff and it just seems to sort of roll. And the difficulty of the parts, if the songs are put together the right way, it just becomes integral to whatever is supposed to be going on with that vibe. We'll probably rehearse about a month and a half, two months, probably play these songs 25, 30 times?"

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