STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - Binge & Purge! Page 5
by Martin Popoff

Banter at the end of our chat turns to Devin seeking out impressions of the record. In response to the word "complicated," he pipes up with "That's the problem! Because I don't even think this one is. I've been in the industry so long that I'm under the assumption that what I write is easily digestible, right? Maybe the reason for me is because it's based on... not much. Just energy, right? I'm just like, well, regardless of what the parts are, it makes me feel like this. And that's the bottom line. I guess I've just been so insular in my own career that it's hard for me to sort of step out of the box and realize what it is we do stand for. It's so strange, man. Everybody seems so confused by this record and I'm just trying to get an idea from people how I should perceive my own shit, because I really don't know (laughs)."