STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - Straight Jacket Talk With The Man From Lad Page 3
By Martin Popoff

And vocally what is new for you on here?

"I wanted to be heavy metal singer," states Devin emphatically. "The last record I wrote around the riffs; I didn't jam it out. A song like "Oh My f**king God," I'm like, 'Yabba dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba...', you know what I mean? And it's like, live, doing that night after night, I'm like 'Holy f**k! What an IDIOT!' So for this record, like with the song "Devour," with the 'Multiply''s and everything, we'll get the crowd to do that and the 'Hail''s at the beginning of "Last Minute," we'll kind of make it a big bang, what would happen if Strapping was playing in front of two million people; take that approach to it. Make it larger-than-life but super extreme. And we took that approach to the production as well, to make it kind of rock, as opposed to typically metal."

I don't know, man," reflects Devin in closing, with respect to the band's work habits in the studio. "The world is going in a different direction and I think we took that approach too. It was like going to boot camp. We're going to be away and we have a real mark to make with this band, so the whole, 'I f**ked up on drugs and I drank a quart of tequila and I used to consider committing suicide'... back when people gave a f**k, that might have been important, you know I mean (laughs)? But now it's just, let's get this work done, let's try to take care of ourselves and let's go in there and dominate."