Sylvain Sylvain - Doll Pub Crawl
by Martin Popoff

Sylvain Sylvain, guitarist for the more than legendary New York Dolls is back from gigs in Portugal and Spain and doing a surprise handful of live dates before returning home to Atlanta, Georgia to plot a full-scale tour. The next stop is in Toronto, Canada at B-Side (email or call 514-221-7380 or 416-204-9660 for more info). Sylvain is out promoting his latest album (Sleep) Baby Doll (see for more details), but will of course, also blast through New York Dolls favourites as well as select material from his two RCA albums from '79 and '80. Note: Syl kept calling the album Paper Pencil And Glue, but what I assume is a picture of the album cover at the Fishhead site, clearly pictures the (Sleep) Baby Doll title. Anyway...

"I just got my new winter coat," jokes Sylvain. "I'm working on trying to keep as warm as possible, from remembering the last time I was up there about 300 years ago."

Sylvain has been doing this tour with pick-up bands in the various locales. "Sometimes it works great and sometimes it doesn't. But to be honest with you, I feel that it's my call in life, at my age, to basically pass down the torch, if you will, to the next generation. And I've been meeting incredible musicians. There's not one place I've played that hasn't hired me back that I haven't been back two or three times. And of course my show is like my whole history. I don't just play my new album. I play The Dolls, 'Trash', 'Jetboy', 'Pills', my early solo stuff and then I hit them with the new ones and I've got a smash show. Kids are really dying for rock 'n 'roll. Everybody these days is a teen idol kind of band and nobody knows how to play guitar anymore or write a song for that matter. But you know, I get up there and rock the damn house. And really, knock on wood so far, it's been really beautiful. There's so much love coming from the audience. After I waited so long and didn't tour, I said to myself, what a f**king asshole, why the hell did I wait all these damn years!? All they really wanted to see was that little f**king Sylvain from The Dolls shaking his old booty up there (laughs)."

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