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by Martin Popoff

"So yeah, that's what I've been doing," continues Syl. "I have this new record that basically came out in the States and probably has some distribution. It's with a fairly small record company and they just gave me a shot, you know and I'll be bringing some along to sell at my shows. It's basically the work that I'd done when I moved to California in the early '90s. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1996 and I've been here ever since. It has songs like '(Sleep) Baby Doll' which is basically me making peace with the boys who are no longer here like Johnny Thunders, Jerry Nolan, Billy Murcia (ed. Syl is referring to no less than three of the New York Dolls who are now dead.). I think it's my best work ever, and I had a lot of great musician friends that sat in on these sessions out in California, people from Blondie, The Misfits, Generation X."

Besides the two seminal New York Dolls albums, The New York Dolls ('73) and Too Much Too Soon ('74), plus assorted comps and shoddy semi-bootlegs, Syl put out two solo albums in '79 and '80. It turns out there's one more slew of trashy Syl songs that the manlegend is trying to re-release.

"I'm basically working toward licensing my new project plus some of my old stuff too, which just came out also, Bowery Butterflies by Sylvain Sylvain And The Criminals. Now, The Criminals actually played in Canada back in the punk days. That was my band right after The Dolls, and we used to play Toronto at the Shock Theater with The Viletones. This was material that came out in Europe in the '80s. It was called 78 Criminals and it was basically what I used as my RCA demo, the material I landed my RCA deal with. But I'm more proud of it, to be honest with you. Because RCA they really tried to clean up Sylvain and really wanted to make me Bruce Springsteen-ish. And I really never had a shot in the studio to really do what I wanted, and they mixed it so much and they took away my razor guitar that I helped invent and worked so hard to develop when I was in The Dolls."

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