Sylvain Sylvain - Doll Pub Crawl Page 3
by Martin Popoff

How would you describe those two RCA albums?

"I'm really not that proud of them. I love them and everything but people really don't know what I was all about. Basically my life had changed and I became too old for whatever, too old to make records. I was a single parent and had to take care of my son and I couldn't come home stinking drunk anymore, you know what I mean? It changed my whole life. And people might think, 'oh, Sylvain, where did he go? Why did he give up? Why did he not want to work?' That's a bunch of crap. I really did want to work but I didn't have those doors open to me. But basically my best work is Paper Pencil And Glue with all these people I didn't even have to pay. They were dying to work in the studio with me. It was really like a love thing. I didn't have to sweat this one, it was a one-take job, you know what I mean? As a matter of fact, I should give credit to Radio Shack for the equipment, because that's what I used to make this record (laughs). You have to use what you have in hand. Break down the house with that, man, that's all it takes."

Has there been any really sweet offers over the years toward having a New York Dolls reunion? "Oh man, every three months!" So why hasn't it happened? "You better ask David Johansen. I already said yes 300 years ago."

What's he been up to?

"You mean David So Handsome? That's what I call him now. Last time I talked to him I said 'hey, what about this little Japan thing!? It's like four dates and we get like stupid money.' And he says 'ah, Sylvain, I'm too old to get up there and shake my ass!'" (offers Sylvain in a really scratchy old man voice, really quite a funny impersonation).

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