Tad Morose - Raised From The Dead
by Martin Popoff

One of the most respected bands originally responsible for the power metal wave but somehow above it, Tad Morose built a crushing reputation through a series of albums for Black Mark before extricating themselves and spending three years cooking up the glorious traditional metal grooves of Undead. Now recording for Century Media, Tad Morose are looking forward to putting things back in gear.

Undead started, as with all of the band's albums, in the small Swedish incubator of a town called Bollnas, population 13,000. And the word incubator, as guitarist Christer "Krunt" Andersson, applies now more than ever.

"We and Morgana Lefay and another band called Phantasmagoria had an old house we rented where we had three different rehearsal rooms," begins Krunt. "But it was a really old house and the community really wanted to just tear it down. So we just checked around for other possibilities and stumbled upon this old school building, and of course it was way too expensive for just the three of us to take over a whole school building. So we just sat down and talked about it with the rest of the bands in the city, because it's very hard to get rehearsal space. So we got together and founded this nonprofit organization to rent this huge school building. And I'm the one that sort of takes care of the money and the accounting for the organization and there are about 11 rehearsal rooms there that host 16 bands and we also have a full professional recording studio that the Undead album was recorded in. The last Lefay album was also recorded there. But that studio is run by another guy who is also a member of this organization, and he runs the studio on his own, as a professional organization and makes his living from that. The name of the studio is Studio Soundcreation and we also have this smaller rock club which we are playing in tonight. Everything is in the same building and it's very convenient. From our rehearsal space to the studio is about ten meters, so you just wheel your equipment in. The club has a little stage and everything and it's the old school dining area, and we're allowed to fit 125 people. It's very small, but it's also a nice place, but Bollnas is also a very small city."

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