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By Martin Popoff

What about lyrical themes? What gets you upset?

"Good question (laughs). Two of the songs on here, 'Another Way' and 'Riding The Beast', are about the European Union. I just hate the whole idea of it. It kind of upsets me because there's no way around it; especially here in Sweden, because the government is dead set on it. They were dead set on us getting into the union and now they're dead set on getting us into the monetary union and this kind of upsets me because once the government has their mind set, there's not much you can do about it. Because even if the people at-large at this moment don't want to get into the monetary union, eventually they will agree to it anyway. It's just like when you pick a president in America, there's a lot of serious campaigning and there is a lot of money needed to do that campaigning. You need lots of cash for it. And it's pretty much the same here. And guess who has the cash for it? The guys on the government's side."

"I think the identity will remain there," answers Urban on whether a loss of identity for the various European countries is at jeopardy. "Italians will always be Italians and Swedes will pretty much remain what we are anyway; how we are with our attitudes. But what really mainly gets me upset about this thing is that I pretty much support the idea of democracy. And if you have a look at the European parliament, they aren't voted in there. You can't do anything about it. They're put there for life, really. And we don't have a say on who should sit there. If you think they're a bunch of incompetent idiots, you can't do anything about it. And that's what I have against the union, really."

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