TAD MOROSE - Sparks In The Dark Page 4
By Martin Popoff

With the majority of touring over with, Tad Morose is hard at work on the next album. Urban promises much heaviness. "The next album will be rougher, harder, definitely. We released this album in January in Europe. To you guys in North America, it might seem a bit early, but we're already on our way working on the next album. And the tendency is - and we didn't express this publicly or anything - but we just noticed that everyone in the band, when we tried to do things, we just played everything harder and rougher. We've got no touring planned or anything. We're just working really hard on the next album. In terms of songs, we've got one called 'Castles In The Sand'. It sounds like this (plays it over the phone). We have some other titles, 'Life In A Lonely Grave', which will probably end up on the album, because it's really good (laughs). 'In Death We Trust'; I don't know if that will make it. I've only laid down the vocal parts. There are no guitars yet. But the album will be rougher and it will be heavier and probably faster too."