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by Martin Popoff

Is there also office space and artists and such? "No, there was a small office that I was using, but we didn't need this space and now the guy who runs the recording studio is using that office. So he has a fairly big recording studio now. I think he has four separate rooms."

Undead, it turns out, became a loose concept album as the record came together, the mysterious mind of vocalist Urban Breed concocting various vignettes that explore the space between being alive and dead, mirroring what some people considered the state of Tad Morose itself. And many of the songs have literary origins, Christer relating that Urban is "always reading books, mystical stuff, mythology, and just all-around good books." 'Servant Of The Bones' originates with the writings of Anne Rice, 'Order Of The Seven Poles' is from a book of the same name and 'The Dead And His Son' still remains a bit of a mystery.

"That is a song that is very dear to Urban. He's really been arguing about using that song for something like two or three years and we always said to him 'well, that song sucks, so forget about it' and he kept bugging us all the time so we rearranged it and thought it turned out pretty good so we put it on the

Does that relate in some way to him and his own father?

"Well I think so, but if I ask him he says no. But it has a deep personal meaning for him. Urban writes most of the lyrics, but I can tell you that Urban is kind of a strange guy and he writes very peculiar lyrics. Whenever he does them I kind of read them through and ask him what they are all about and he never wants to explain them. We only discovered after we were recording the album that there was a constant theme there."

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