Tad Morose - Raised From The Dead Page 4
by Martin Popoff

As with many metal bands these days, the guys in Tad Morose have other lives outside of the band. "Well, I'm a bartender in a nightclub here in Bollnas, and apart from that I'm doing the music and this accountant work, which takes up a lot of time. I'm also doing a lot of accounting for the nightclub. Anders, the bass player, he works in a chain store, and he also works part-time in the nightclub with me. I mean it's a huge nightclub in a small area and all we do is play old heavy metal music and sell whiskey and beer. But it's a very nice job. And Urban, he's unemployed at the moment but he works mostly as a computer teacher, and he did the cover art. Daniel, the guitar player, he's a welder. And Peter, the drummer, is a teacher as well, working with problem children."

It turns out that Christer is a huge Anvil fan, scheming his way into getting Lips and Co. to play Bollnas, which procreated into a little Scandinavian tour. Even though a sizeable crowd showed up, Christer lost a bit of money on the deal, laughing it off saying that the ticket turned out to be a few hundred dollars to see his favourite band, which was fine by him.

Finally I got Christer to relate the story of coming up with such an odd name for the band. "I really stole it from an old Guitar World magazine," he begins. "There was an old interview with Michael Schenker, in the early '90s, 1991 or so. There was a cover story on him and he said he used to be a very wild one, smashing up hotel rooms and beating up people. But at the end of the interview he said, 'anyway now, I've grown up etc. etc. and I'm not such a bad guy after all, just a tad morose...'"