TANK - Guitarist Cliff Evans Starts Record Label!
by Martin Popoff

Cliff Evans, guitarist for the legendary TANK as well as KILLERS, has started a new label called Soundhouse Records (www.myspace.com/soundhousemetal). The first two releases are albums by... Tank and Killers!

"I started to put together ideas last year," says the NWOBHM warrior. "Because it's so much more difficult to get a deal these days, to get an advance out of any kind of label. The labels are not putting any money into new records. So I thought well, it seems pointless putting all that effort behind making an album, trying to get an advance and it's not there. So I said, I'll do it myself. I've been around long enough now so I know how it works. So I thought I would put a little label together to specialize in that British metal thing. I've wanted to put out Murder One again (Killers), because that album has become very hard to find over the years. And I was been pretty proud of that album; it's a pretty good album. So I kind of tracked it down. It was on BMG, but then they sold it out to a production company who sold it to someone else. So I've been trying to track it down for quite awhile and I finally got it. I had to pay a little advance for that, but I got it back. But that was kind of the main reason I put the label together, to put that album out. And then I have a Tank album as well, Live And Rare. So there are two good albums to put out at the same time, to kind of launch the label. That was the plan there. It's been a lot of work this year, because we remastered everything and did all new artwork."

Do you have specific plans for your third release?

"For the third one I'm going to do the other Killers album, which was Menace To Society; that will be next year, and I'm kind of looking around for stuff. I would like to work with some other bands, so I'm see what's out there, what's available, including new bands, some fresh blood. I'm in London. I'd like to find some other bands to work with, like I say, even younger bands... try to get some new stuff out there. There's not a lot going on in London right now; there aren't a lot of clubs. I have a fair bit of experience over the years, so I'd like to put something back into it. I want to get excited about something again; it would be nice to get involved with some new music which would be kind of cool. I'm open to any ideas."

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