QUEENSRYCHE's Geoff Tate & New Album - "We've Got About Three-Quarters Written And Recorded"
by Tim Henderson

We caught up with QUEENSRYCHE singer Geoff Tate who talked to us about the expanded 20th Anniversary Edition of Empire, the future of the band's Queensryche Cabaret spectacle, his acting career and wine cravings that led to his vintage brand called Insania. The treasured frontman had just returned from New York City, where he was playing freshly-recorded material to the band's new label, Loud & Proud/Roadrunner Records.

"We are planning on a spring release," Tate tells BraveWords.com about Queensryche's 12th studio album. "It will be a very strong collection of songs. The topic of the album is all over the place. There's a lot of different subjects we tackle. The sound and the writing direction is probably more focused on rhythm than any of our records have been. Scott (Rockenfield; drums) and Eddie (Jackson; bass) are contributing a lot to the composition of this record, so there's a lot of focus on rhythm structure and keeping things very rhythmatic and moving. It's got a lot of very intricate bass/drum work on it that perhaps hasn't been featured on earlier albums. Therefore it's going to have a very modern sound to it. Music these days, outside of hard rock and metal, is really rhythm-oriented. There's a lot of movement to it. So we're kind of going with that as a feature on this record. Still, there's a lot of interesting guitar work as we try to push the guitar into different areas as well, while trying to stay away from the bone-head stuff like the chunk-chunk-chunk kind of thing. We're using the guitars in a more melodic sense. The band is producing it with Kelly Gray, our longtime friend and engineer (and former guitarist). We've got about three-quarters written and recorded.

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