QUEENSRYCHE's Geoff Tate & New Album - "We've Got About Three-Quarters Written And Recorded" Page 2
by Tim Henderson

When I was in New York last Friday I was playing them tracks, playing them a cross-section of the record. I didn't play them all the songs, but I played them a strong cross-section of what's on it so they can get an idea of the direction and the feel of it. It's a pretty cool record company. They're really focused on music which is refreshing. A lot of record companies you deal with are just thinking commerce. These guys are really into the art and pushing that. I enjoy talking with people like that and who see it from that point of view. That's like the old days. That pre-'90s group that had a lot of music people in record companies, that were actually interested in music, played it themselves and had a background with it. Instead of coming at it from a Harvard Business School sense.

Only time will tell of course - we'll see how the whole album cycle goes. Tom Lipsky (industry veteran and Loud & Proud boss) for example is a guy I've known for my career on a personal level and I've always admired his musical tastes and sensibilities. His heart's in the right place. I feel really comfortable with him at the helm of things. He definitely understands the band and what we're about. He's not going to make any calls that would work against our philosophy."