TERRY BROWN - Out On The Tiles! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Does the band bristle when they get compared to Rush from the '90s?

"No, not really; they're pretty straight up, those boys. They say, 'Well, we grew up loving that band and it influenced the way we think and the way we write, and there you go - that's us.' So no, they don't mind at all. It's inevitable."

How about an interesting technological things that happened on the album?

"Well, the only total tech thing that happened - I mean, if you can call it that - there's one little spot where I chopped a track up into tiny little pieces and assembled it again. So it's kind of a nice cool little production effect, a bit of ear candy, but for the life of me I can't remember what tune it's on!"

In closing, I asked Terry if there was a Terry Brown sound, something characteristic he brings to the table when producing 30 years on from those great records he did with Rush. "Well, I don't think I've ever really been able to analyze that, to be honest with you. I'm too close to it. But it's got a lot of detail in it. I'm really big on melody, so the melodies are very, very strong on this album. The guitar solos... we spent quite a bit of time making sure we got the right vibe and captured the right mood. And I think the solos are very well-crafted. And I certainly helped in that regard. That is something I bring to the table. So I think we got what we were looking for. I mean, it sounds like one of my productions, no doubt about that. But what that is, my goodness, I don't know (laughs)."

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