Tesla - Time's Makin' Changes
by Martin Popoff

Tesla. Damn, it was OK to like them then, and it's oddly OK to admit it now. Why? Tesla had depth beyond the House Of Hair Metal that swept them along, this true rock band from Sac (ramento CA), recording a debut called Mechanical Resonance when they were still called City Kidd (singer Jeff Keith makes sure I get the two d's) that established the band as outsiders with a knack for accessible blues stacked with big chords. They definitely didn't fit the mold. We all knew it, but Keith did too, and that's why the prospect of a return seems comfortable, almost necessary. Damn. It's true. What we need now is a stadium rock band in jeans surrounding themselves with High'n' Dry riffs burning from twin guitars.

And that's what you're going to get if you bring your lighters, Jack and wine sack on Thursday, December 7th to San Diego's 4th & B Theatre or on Friday, December 8th to the Las Vegas House Of Blues or perhaps on Saturday, December 9th to Fresno's Warnors Center. See www.teslatheband.com or www.teslaweb.com for more info.

These are the first reunion shows, after which a holiday break ensues, followed by Keith and Tommy (Skeoch) embarking on some Bar 7 dates (possibly to Europe, sez Axe Killer France labelmate Michael Hannon who has heard rumblings of a Bar 7/American Dog tour over there). Then in March, the plan is to fire up a more extensive Tesla tour, backed up by a live album.

Jeff Keith lets us in how it all came together.

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