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by Martin Popoff

What did you notice different about your personalities as bandmates when you got together to rehearse for these new shows?

"Actually, it's better than it has been for Tesla for years and years. In our own way, we were going our separate ways in Tesla, but we were keeping it together for Tesla. And then once all the stuff happened, it really got loose. A Tesla rehearsal was almost unheard of. Coming into these rehearsals, it's beautiful, man, a beautiful thing. I can't believe it. It's great. We're all laughing, getting along together, having a good time, and that's what rehearsals are all about. So it's better than it has been for years and years."

So you have these December dates, and you're thinking about March dates and then maybe a live album?

"Yes, we recorded this show we did in Sacramento and we're going to record all the shows and maybe put together a live album. I'm really eager to write with Tesla, to be honest with you. I tried to get something going this last stretch of rehearsals we had. So this time around I'm going to try it once again. I'm eager to write a song or two with Tesla. Who knows? Maybe it will lead into something else."

No label deal has been set for the live album (but it doesn't take too embedded an insider to figure out where they belong). But the real prize, a studio album, seems tentative and sketchy at best, Keith quite rightly still enthusiastic about Bar 7, which, let's face it, is a really solid version of Tesla lite. Good record. Get it.

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