By Martin Popoff

Weedsport, NY, July 10, 2002

Concert review for ya. It was a hot, but not too hot outdoor show of fortified, juvenated or rejuvenated '80s rock (much of it born too late in the '90s) that hunkered down at a stock car racing track (Cayuga something or other), bringing way too much gear and the attendant bureaucracy, including crew driving around on gas-powered scooters. Looked to me like about 1,500 very besotted big-bellied guys 'n' tank-topped gals (maybe a couple hundred without livers) showed up to stand in the dirt and dust in front of a stage built and built up for full-on concert sound and pound.

But man, were they treated to a bunch of bands set to stun, old-values rockers psychologically primed with something to prove, three of them on their next, long-awaited studio album, Vince on a live one. Can't remember if it was Jackyl or Skid Row that went on first, but Jackyl, then Skid Row, were the winners of the battle rock royale.

Jackyl was southern rock energy on fire. Drummer Chris "Tommy Lee" Worley and his little Speedo cracked the skins like they were both on speed. Guitarist Jeff Worley rocked just as hard and sorta Mexican, and Jesse, who donned a guitar for much of the set, simply took control - his voice is strong like fire water. On bass, Roman Glick did that wide-stance stomp-in-circles thing mostly seen in nu-metal and with Robert Trujillo, but man, you couldn't keep the guy still: Jackyl were the best, and he was the best part of Jackyl. Jesse's chainsaw antics seemed clearly recorded and faked, and then he didn't chop up the stool, but instead, lit it on fire and smashed it up. Jackyl's new album Relentless should be a deep fryer.