THE CULT - Choice Of Weapon: Hard Rock With An Underpinning Of Joy Division
by Martin Popoff

Well, Ian Astbury figured he'd had it with making conventional albums, and in actuality, the whole Capsule EP concept was pretty cool. Fortunate for us however, Ian, along with Chris Wyse, John Tempesta, and right hand-man Billy Duffy, decided their love for the full-length ruled over all disgust with the business, and have returned with a corker of a new record called Choice Of Weapon, which is no less than one of the band's most accessible and forward-lunging records ever, yet still grand, epic, textural, and, as has been the case at least ever since the self-titled from '94, intellectually rich.

"Different mindset," begins a typically intense Astbury, who ramps up to his Choice Of Weapon by comparing it to the making of 2007's Born Into This. "I'm trying to remember how that album rolled out. I know I wasn't living in Los Angeles, so I was flying into Los Angeles. In fact, I was all over the place. I was in New York, I was in Vancouver. I'd recently been through India, kind of in a nomadic phase. And so we were coming in and doing three-, four-day sessions, for Born Into This - ended up doing about 21 days altogether. And then flipped it over to the UK, 15 days in the studio. 15 days! To put that record together, from front to back. The rhythm sections, all the overdubs, everything you hear on that, was done in 15 days. So I think that's kind of evident on the record, why it feels like it's not fully realized, in some ways. So, from there, we had a bit of a bad marriage with Roadrunner Records in the United States. It wasn't the right fit. They were trying to market the band more in the metal category, which it really isn't: metal. Certainly, we go hard rock, but our whole thing is hard rock with an underpinning of Joy Division. You know, we were very clear about our influences. I mean, I don't see why you can't be in love with Led Zeppelin as well as... you know, why can't you have reverence of Black Sabbath Vol 4 and Closer by Joy Division? They're different animals, they're different species, but you put together like a Pete Hook bass line with a kind of Jimmy Page influence and you get something very interesting."

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