THE LIZARDS - Stone Cold!
by Martin Popoff

THE LIZARDS, featuring BLUE OYSTER CULT, BLACK SABBATH and RIOT drum legend Bobby Rondinelli now have Riot's Mike DiMeo in their ranks on lead vocals. The collaboration can be heard on the band's hard-hitting classic rock album, their third, called Cold Blooded Kings, "I guess because lizards are cold-blooded and kings of the earth; I really don't know," laughs Rondinelli.

"Direction-wise, it's not far from what we were doing," adds Bobby, "but Mike's voice takes it to different places. And the new stuff we're working on is a little more bluesy and open." Confused? New stuff? "Yeah, we're working on another one already, man. We've got five tracks now. No messing around. We're still trying to define our niche, to define our sound. And it just keeps getting better and that's all you can ask for."

Bobby has said that Cold Blooded Kings contains some of his very best drumming ever. "Yeah, I don't know, I had a lot of freedom with my playing and I'm pretty happy with my drumming on it. I'm pretty critical with myself, but I'm happy with it. I tend to play behind the beat, and I actually probably do that more now than I did back in the day with Rainbow."

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