THIN LIZZY - Time Is Ticking...
by Martin Popoff

Legendary Lizzy axeman Scott Gorham offers a few comments on the Phil-less version of the band currently out there capably cranking the hits...

"Well, on this tour here, we're out with Deep Purple, so right now we're down to playing a 45 minutes set, so I would say the set is changed quite drastically (laughs). Because usually we're out there for an hour and a half, one hour and 40 minutes, so we've had to take pretty much an hour's worth of work out. But what we're trying to do, because we have so much material, every night we're trying to slip in... we'll take one song out, put another one in, take one out, put another one in, to keep it interesting for us. So that's how we're working it right now."

And what are one or two of the favorites for you, that really get your energy up?

"We're doing songs like 'Jailbreak', 'Waiting For An Alibi', 'Still In Love With You'. We've thrown 'Emerald' in, 'Cowboy Song', 'The Boys Are Back In Town'. Especially for America, we're trying to keep it a little simple because we know that we weren't quite as popular in America as we are in the rest of the world. So we're trying to pull out what I guess you would call the surefire ones."

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