THIN LIZZY - Philadelphia Gets A Bad Reputation
by Martin Popoff

Those who've been consuming hard rock for a lotta years know all too well that Phil Lynott and his seductive Lizzy's, when they hit the stage, deliver some of the tastiest morsels known to the discerning concert-goer. Ergo, Live And Dangerous is considered one of those paramount live albums issued in the golden age thereof, to mass acclaim, and hefty sales all 'round. Well, keeper of the Lizzy flame, guitarist Scott Gorham has been scouring the vaults as of late, and has come up with a fetching companion piece for y'all. Still Dangerous captures THIN LIZZY, road-testing in a Philly theater setting, songs that are on the band's killer '77 record, Bad Reputation, at that point finished and on the launch pad for imminent and eminent release.

"Bad Reputation wasn't even out yet," confirms Gorham. "You know, that was the whole thing with this album. You can actually hear by listening to it that we are road-testing the songs that are coming off of the Bad Reputation album. Because at this point, they'd never been played in front of an audience - we don't know what the audience reaction is. In fact, we don't even know if we're going to put them in the set proper at this point. But this tour, you know, the overall look of this tour was us going out and this was us proving to America that this is a kick-ass band. In fact, this was going to be the tour, live-wise that was going to break us in America. That was our way of thinking. So what you are listening to... we gave ourselves a two-week warm-up slot, right? So these were two weeks worth of warm-up shows, before we were going to go out and hit the arenas with a few other bands."

Then hard living struck, as Phil would provide a dress rehearsal for the self-inflicted wounds that would take him in the end, his death nine years later, January 4, 1986, essentially attributed to complete body shut-down.

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