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by Martin Popoff

"Yes, well, unfortunately we didn't actually make it past the two weeks, because what happened was, right at the end of the two-week period, and after we had obviously recorded this radio show, Phil was diagnosed with hepatitis C. Do you know anything about hepatitis - that's the deadly one. And it was like the last show of the two-week period, and Phil walked into the dressing room and he just laid down on the floor and couldn't get up. And that was it. I remember standing over him going, 'Holy shit, man, you look bad.' His skin colour was gone; the eyes were gone. So the manager came in and he says, 'Right, well, we've got a flight to Ohio tonight; we'll fly into Ohio and we'll get Phil a doctor in the morning.' Which we did, and the doctor was actually pissed off after he saw Phil. He's said, 'Man, you should not be out here, you should not be walking around, you should not have contact with anybody, your tour is over. We're going to have to fly you back to England and put you in an emergency hospital.' And that was it - tour over. And we were all crushed. This was the tour, we thought, where we were going to show everybody that this band was more than just 'The Boys Are Back In Town', or the Jailbreak album. We were convinced this tour was going to put us on the map, and we didn't get to prove anything (laughs)."

So how long was it before you got to tour America again properly?

"Well, it was probably another year. Phil was in that bad of shape. The only thing we actually got out of the tour was this Philadelphia show, so it kind of shows... this album shows two things; it shows what we were trying to do at that point. You can see that we are road-testing the songs and in fact, we actually start off with a brand-new song, 'Soldier Of Fortune', which is something we never would've done in a regular tour. And it was to prove what kind of band we were. So that's what that album is all about."

And to clarify, Scott says that Bad Reputation was recorded, "but it wasn't fully mixed, and it wasn't out at this point, so yes, this was all like, like I say, all new material that people had not heard before. And when I actually listen back to it, for the first time, I realize what kind of a great thing it was for us to do this, to not only put the songs in, songs nobody had even heard of before, but also start the whole f**king set off with a brand-new song. Kind of nuts, really."

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