THIN LIZZY - Time Is Ticking... Page 2
by Martin Popoff

I wondered if any parts of the set pose a particular challenge to Scott... "Not really, because I've been playing the songs for so long. I wouldn't say I can actually go on autopilot. You've got to keep your concentration the whole time. But in saying that, it makes for a lot of fun to play the songs. Because you can let rip, you can let yourself go and have a lot of fun with them."

Finally, I asked Scott to articulate why the music of Thin Lizzy has aged so well, endured, lived on. "Well, I especially think these days with the live act, it's the musicianship," replies Gorham. "The guys that I'm playing with are all world-class players. There's plenty of that going down on stage. Song-wise, you know, I really don't know (laughs). I wish there was a real definitive answer to that. I guess it's kind of a hard question for anybody to answer, why their songs are kept popular throughout a few generations. I think if I knew that, I'd be able to write to a formula and be so successful it would be ridiculous. But no, I just really don't know that secret (laughs)."