THIN LIZZY - New Music By Summer?
by Martin Popoff

Even though Thin Lizzy are continuing to traipse the big stages, right now touring Europe as support for Judas Priest, the minds of this army of proven songwriters are focused on one thing - writing some songs.

"The tour is great, man," begins bassist Marco Mendoza, providing HardRadio with a road report (down a cell phone line that is not great - i.e. might have got a few words wrong here!). "We're the first week in and the shows are massive, as you can imagine, and the response has been overwhelming; just a great vibe, you know. You couldn't ask for a better result, to be honest. Mission accomplished, if you will."

But back to new music. Discussions with other members of the band as of late have yielded responses similar to the following. No surprise, given that there is so much talent for songwriting in the band, present company, Marco Mendoza heartily included.

"Well, all of us have been throwing some ideas into a melting pot, and we are sketching out some studio dates as we speak, and that will be figured out in the next month or so - because we get little breaks between the legs of different legs. So I think the studio has been booked. I just don't have the dates off the top of my head. But it will be this month; we'll go in this month and we'll start chopping away. And if you can imagine, we want to be really careful about what we put out. But the wheels are in motion, and we're all excited about that, obviously. So yeah, definitely we will have new music by this summer, if not before; we're jumping up and down about it."

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