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by Martin Popoff

Asked what it's like being part of a rhythm section with Brian Downey, one of classic rock's deftest touches, Mendoza figures, "Brian has a very unique style, and me being a bass player, yeah, I've had the luck to be playing with some major cats, you know? And like I said, Brian has a very unique style, and having been able to play Thin Lizzy music with him and with different drummers, with all due respect to the other cats, Brian is THE cat. He has a soul and a shuffle that is just incredible; it's monstrous, and it's perfect for the Thin Lizzy grooves and Thin Lizzy music. And he's a great guy; I've known Brian since '94. When I knew he was going to be involved with this, I wanted in. I definitely wanted to be involved with this. So yeah, it's great touring with Brian; it's an honour. He's done a lot, seen a lot, and now we're sharing a stage. I'm having a blast."

Consummate music man that he is (check out his jazz bass and scat singing on youtube - stunning), Marco, just as a matter of course, like breathing, keeps his chops up by playing club gigs, in betwixt plying the fat strings for legends that in the past have included Whitesnake and Ted Nugent.

"Yeah, yeah, this is something that I've done for quite a while. Got a few albums out there, and whenever opportunity knocks and I get invited to this and that, I'll go, because I absolutely love what I do, man; I really do. And I love going to new territories that are untapped and knocking on and opening some new doors, you know, cultivating some kind of relationship. If it involves music, I'm there, bottom line, if I have the time. So again, this little tour that I did taught me a lot on the business side, and taught me a lot on what I need to concentrate on, things I need to work on, and what songs to play and all that. You're always learning; that's what I think. I dig the whole process of it. I'm always learning a lot of things about myself, but I'm always willing to take chances, check it out. What's the worst that could happen? You're gonna learn something, either good or bad. So I must admit, man, I had a blast. It was short notice, ticket sales were not over the top and the places were not that big, but I left every gig knowing that I did the best I could, and I know the people that came to the gigs left satisfied. I'm always going to have something on the back-burner, because when you love the whole process like I do, and a lot of it's new, man, you can't wait. I don't want to get comfortable and just go out on the big runs, although I enjoy that. I kinda tended to do that with Whitesnake, to be honest with you. I kinda sat back too much, and five, six years went by, and when it was time to move on, it was like oh shit, man, I could've been cultivating this and doing that, and so now that I'm a little older and wiser, I'll always do that - always."

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