TIMO KOTIPELTO - Remote Control! Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"It's like this," explains Timo when asked how one puts a record like this together. "Basically some songs can start from the vocal melody, and I'm just humming that on a mini-disc, or even on my cellular phone, something that can record. And then I go to my rehearsing place where I have my computers and guitars and synths and stuff like that. But of course, some songs can start from a guitar riff. I'll just go there and play some guitar. But I can't play really well, any instruments. I did play drums when I was younger, so I will say that I can play drums. But then again, I'm not that good that I would record it. I can play drums, for sure. I can even play some double kick things. But I'm not that good. But it's easier for me to explain the rhythm parts for the drummer because I can say, just play like this, because I do know whether these things can be played or they can't be played. That's the advantage."

Finally, Timo proclaims that he's not averse to ending up in another band, if the right project came along. "That's a big question, because yeah, I've been getting some offers. But again, I've been trying to be nice to all the bands and people who approach me, and I've told them that unfortunately, at the moment, I don't have the time, because I want to promote this album as much as possible. And then after that, I want to do some of my own shows. But then, when all of those shows are over... I don't even know if there are going to be a lot of shows or not, but at least some. But when those are over, it could be possible that if there is a band that needs my kind of voice, and the music is something I like, and if the guys are cool, I would consider joining something. I don't have to be just a solo artist. But then again, I don't want to give up this possibility of doing my own material. So I guess I will make at least another album... one of these years (laughs)."