GLENN TIPTON - And Then There Was One... Page 4
by Martin Popoff

Glenn offers a few comments on the Baptizm Of Fire bonus tracks. "Himalaya... a lot of my favourite music is film themes. I love the dramatic fire of it. So I consider this a sort of soundtrack, Zeppelin-istic, if there is such a word, type of track. And I like the size of it. It's a great big dramatic track, and I'm very much into things like that. And New Breed is very interesting, because it's a song I wrote with my daughter Corina (ed. I may have spelled that wrong), and my son Ricky plays drums on it. So it's a sort of family affair, in a way, a metal family affair. But it's certainly not the Brady Bunch, by any means (laughs)."

"Cozy is, I think, just the archetypal rock drummer," says Glenn, in closing, asked why the man always seemed in great demand, always in possession of a great gig. "When you set foot in a studio with him, he gets a grasp straight away for what that song needs on a drum level. And he's got the ability to play everything from rock to jazz. He was a master of the double kick, or he could lay single pedal patterns down. But when a song needed a fill, Cozy could put the exact fill in that it needed. And that was his strength. He didn't overplay if it wasn't necessary, but he's got so much inside him, if it was required... you know, that's a master musician, someone that doesn't overplay, someone who does exactly what the song wants, but who is capable of much more if it's needed."